Plant Factory under Natural Lighting (PFNL)

PFNL is an aerated structure designed with a transparent material, in which the crops can be grown in partially controlled climatic conditions. A typical PFNL plant factory is made of a translucent material that allows sunlight to enter through films for the process of photosynthesis. The main purpose of the structure is to maintain a favorable indoor climate while making the most ou of natural resources like sunlight. It is a solution for alternative farming that generates good yield, quality produce and better incomes for the farming community.


  • Designed for soil less culture in a semi controlled environment
  • Designed with G.I. Gutter in single piece of 500mm wide & 1 mm thick
  • Adjustable micro climate conditions through the sensors
  • Flap control along all periphery to avoid curtain damage
  • Involves the cultivation in NFT channels and Dutch bucket mechanisms
  • Automated sensors that monitor the greenhouse climate
  • Venting with circulation fan for the circulation of air flow within the greenhouse
  • Indoor grow light setup for active photosynthesis
  • Featuring with Fan and pad system for continuous cooling effect inside the greenhouse
  • Set up with typical irrigation system for letting to drip water to the root zone of plants
  • Circulations fans for the circulation of air within the structure
  • Air conditioning equipments like Fan and pad, Fogging/heating systems
  • Climate and Environment sensors



Flood & Drain Germination/Propagation Tables with trays
Growing Medium (Oasis Cubes) for 1 crop cycle
General Grow Hydroponic Nutrients for 1 crop cycle
Consultation, Erection & Commissioning
Supply & erection of Climate Controlled Fan & Pad Plant Factory
High Pressure Fogging System
Air circulation Fans
100 GSM Anti-Weed mat
Testing & Measuring Equipment
1000 LPH RO Water plant
Nutrient Reservoir 10000 Ltrs
Water Reservoirs 1000 Ltrs (RO Plant)
Water Reservoir 2000 Ltrs (Fogging System)
Water Reservoir 3000 Ltrs (Cooling pad water)
Civil & Electrical Works
Hydroponic Farm Automation System
Electrical wiring, Lighting, LT Distribution boards, & Earthing
Earth Pit with nutrient resvoir
Plant Factotry Foundations, Brick wall on fan & Pad side
Fine Leveling of polyhouse area with Autoleveller